Naval Special Warfare combatant craft SWCC

For the first time, a woman has qualified as a Navy special operator

For the first time, a female sailor has passed the grueling 37-week training course to become a Naval Special Warfare combatant-craft crewman.
liaoning aircraft carrier

How China's navy went rogue to get its first aircraft carrier

It took some enormous bribes and liquor, plus years of delays, for China to get its hands on what would become the aircraft carrier Liaoning.

What we already know about Russia's new stealth fighter

The new fighter only exists on paper at this point, but the outlook could improve if foreign buyers show interest.

AK-47 vs. AK-74: How Russia's workhorse rifles stack up

The AK-47 has become the most prolific infantry assault rifle on the planet. What many may not known is the AK-47 had a sequel of sorts in the AK-74.

China is sending 'grandpa fighter jets' to test Taiwan's defenses

The Chinese J-7 fighter jets used during an "island encirclement exercise" last month date to the 1960s and can be used as unmanned aerial vehicles.

A British paratrooper crashed through the roof of a California home during a training jump

The exercise was a High Altitude Low Opening, or HALO, jump, which are usually associated with special-operations units.

How a cheap Swedish submarine 'ran rings' around a US aircraft carrier and its sub-hunting escorts

The Swedish sub HSMS Gotland didn't actually sink the USS Ronald Reagan, but it showed that it could be done.

The US isn't doing itself any favors by conducting military exercises in Europe's most tense region

Joint military exercises aren't inherently bad, but US participation in them should align with US strategic national security interests.

The 2020s will be a crucial decade for China, and even its leaders know the good times may not last

The 2020s will be a crucial decade for China as it readjusts to being richer, older, and more resource-deprived.

Why a US soldier once had to use a payphone to call in artillery support

The US invasion of Grenada was conducted by highly capable units, but they were plagued by some very basic problems.

China is working overtime to build a modern military. Here's how its armed forces compare to the US's

The US military still ahead in several important areas, but the Chinese military has its own advantages and is only getting better.

Before 'Shark Week' and 'Jaws,' World War II taught Americans to fear shark attacks

Mass mobilization and far-flung battles during World War II introduced more Americans to sharks than any other event in US history.

How 'Top Gun: Maverick' got cameras inside the cockpit of a F/A-18 fighter jet

Promotion for "Top Gun: Maverick" is starting to pick up as the November 2021 release date approaches.

What the Air Force's latest graphic reveals about the new B-21 stealth bomber

The Air Force's latest rendering shows the new B-21 Raider stealth bomber at Edwards Air Force Base.

Spending $2 trillion on new nuclear weapons is a risk to more than just your wallet

As the US, Russia, and China rush to modernize their nuclear arsenals, the world is witnessing a new, dangerous nuclear arms race.

Lebanon's financial crisis is so bad that soldiers can't feed their families

A Lebanese general recently warned that the the country's financial crisis could "lead to the collapse of all state institutions," including the army.

4 years before the Navy started blasting its new aircraft carrier, this team started planning to protect nearby animals

A team of scientists and other specialists spent years working to minimize the impact of the Ford's shock trials on nearby marine animals.

Changes to the ocean around Taiwan may mean China has to change its submarine warfare plans

Recent changes to ocean temperatures will affect the waters of the Kuroshio Current, which could be a key battlefield if China tries to invade Taiwan.

Biden should look to his favorite peace deal to make progress with Israel and Palestine

For the first time in decades no one is clamoring for a quixotic US-led effort to deliver a final status agreement.

Biden's latest reasons for bombing Syria defy logic and the Constitution

The reason US forces are at risk of violence in the region is precisely because US forces are in the region.

Chinese Communist Party centenary celebrations feature largest ever display of J-20 stealth fighters

China has ramped up production of its J-20 fighters last year, but the stealth jet still hampered by problems with its engine.

Why US commanders are so worried about keeping track of Russia's newest subs

US officials have said that Russia's first Yasen-class sub has already shown an ability to elude detection.

The Air Force wants to give some A-10s, F-22s, and F-35s new homes

The Air Force says the moves will allow it to centralize close air support and rescue operations and to enhance training for fifth-generation jets.

The Netherlands is selling F-16s to a private company that provides 'aggressor' training for US pilots

The Dutch government has approved the sale 12 F-16s to Draken International, which flies aggressor missions in exercises with US pilots.

The A-10 is feared for its attacks on the ground, but it can hold its own in a dogfight too

Enemy troops on the ground know to fear an A-10 attack, and rival pilots shouldn't rest easy either.

Here's how much US troops have been paid in every American war

The troops who have fought America's wars did so for relatively low pay — when they got paid at all.

Mexican avocado producers are arming themselves to fend off cartels

"It's cheaper to buy a rifle than to pay extortion," said one member of the producers' armed private security force.

China deploys stealth fighter jets to units monitoring Taiwan Strait in possible warning to US allies

The deployment is aimed at telling South Korea and Japan that China is strengthening its air defense, one observer said.

The 8 rules for rookie combat pilots in World War I

A number of modern military tactics and hardware emerged during World War I — including air-to-air combat.

Why the US can't just start building more F-22s

It's been almost a decade since the US stopped building F-22s, and restarting production takes a lot more than flipping a few switches.

This WWI soldier stayed awake for 40 years after getting shot in the head

Paul Kern was a Hungarian fighting on the Eastern front. He came home from the war alive but not quite the same.

A quiet battle is raging in Congress over how the US will respond to China's growing power

Two bills working their way through the Senate and the House present critical choices as to how extreme the turn in America's China policy will be.

The Air Force says it needs to cut flight hours for pilots because aircraft sustainment costs keep rising

The service wants to slash flight time by roughly 87,500 hours because those costs have risen to roughly $1 billion.

How the US Air Force sank the Navy's plans for a new 'supercarrier' after World War II

USS United States had an ambitious design, but the program was canceled just five days after the carrier's keel was laid down.

5 facts about the Korean War, a war still technically being fought 71 years later

There has never been a peace treaty ending the Korean War, meaning the first armed conflict of the Cold War is still technically being fought.

After incident with British warship, Russia says it may drop bombs 'right on target' in the future

The British government has denied that Russia fired warning shots at a British destroyer to force it away from Crimea.

The smaller, more fearsome warship that will be the 'backbone' of the Russian navy

Russia is looking to smaller, but more powerfully armed frigates to become the mainstay of its surface force.

The Russian navy is upping its game with a new generation of killer torpedoes

Russia's navy and defense industry are steadily developing better and more advanced torpedoes to replace aging weaponry.

The US is pulling Patriot missiles and fighter jets out of the Middle East

The Pentagon is adjusting as the war in Afghanistan ends and shifting its focus on major adversaries.

What we can all learn from the time William McRaven got fired from SEAL Team 6

In the early 1980s, William McRaven was just a lieutenant assigned to the relatively new SEAL Team 6.

The UK's new aircraft carrier has joined the fight against ISIS, and Russia is watching it closely

Russian warplanes are trying to keep tabs on HMS Queen Elizabeth's F-35 jets in a "cat-and-mouse" game, British naval commanders said.

Like in any other marriage, Joe Biden needs to be realistic about dealing with Russia

Whether it's a marriage or geopolitics, the best bilateral relationships find areas of common interest while de-conflicting areas of dispute.

5 common movie mistakes that veterans can spot right away

Regular viewers may not notice most of Hollywood's on-screen mix-ups, but there are some errors that veterans won't miss.

China's latest major military flight around Taiwan suggests Beijing is expanding its combat training

Chinese jets recently conducted their first flight around eastern Taiwan, home to major airbases that could play a key role during an invasion.

A US Navy adversary squadron now has a jet with the same camo as Russia's most advanced fighter

As a US Navy adversary squadron, VFC-12 flies jets with camo schemes that mimic those of Russian jets.

4 ways to solve the problem of Pablo Escobar's hippos

The four curiosities that Pablo Escobar brought to his ranch near Medellín in the 1970s have grown to a family of at least 120 hippos.

2 US military advisors were hurt by a car bomb at a Colombian base near the border with Venezuela

A Colombian soldier was in intensive care and two US military personnel had light injuries, Colombia's defense minister said Wednesday.

How 'baby flattops' helped the US Navy win World War II

Months before the US entered World War II, the Navy knew its fleet carriers wouldn't be enough to fight Germany and Japan.

An F-35 pilot explains why Elon Musk is wrong about the end of the fighter-pilot era

Drones will play an increasingly important role on the battlefield, but it'll be a very long time before they cand do what human pilots can do.
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