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A former Amazon Web Services exec explains how the cloud titan learned the difficult lesson of balancing growth and competing with its closest allies

The former AWS exec Tim Jefferson told Insider how the cloud giant navigated competing with its own partners and putting pressure on their business.
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4 companies Amazon Web Services could buy as it ramps up competition against the dominance of Microsoft 365 and Teams

Without a strong work software portfolio of its own, analysts named firms the new CEO of AWS could buy to challenge Microsoft's lead in the space.
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10 Amazon cloud partners explain how they built thriving businesses while working with a juggernaut that's never been afraid to compete with its own allies

Amazon relies on over 100,000 cloud partners like Splunk, Snowflake, and Datadog, but AWS has never shied away from competing with its own allies.
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This director explains why he ditched Amazon's cloud program for startups to help Google relaunch its own

Google startup ecosystem director Ryan Kiskis previously worked at Amazon Web Services and watched customers defect to Google Cloud.
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Amazon Web Services salaries revealed: How much the $54 billion cloud giant pays software engineers, marketers, business analysts and more in 2021

Insider analyzed Amazon's H-1B salary data to find what the cloud giant paid engineers and business people so far this year, across the country.
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Here's how $2.2 billion data company Sumo Logic — one of AWS' biggest clients — is finding ways to cut its cloud costs

Sumo Logic CTO and cofounder Christian Beedgen said that cutting cloud costs is so important, it will pause new feature development just to optimize.
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8 companies the new CEO of Amazon Web Services could buy to seriously challenge Microsoft's productivity dominance and stay on top

Adam Selipsky, the new CEO of Amazon Web Services, should consider buying productivity, edge computing, and security startups, experts say.
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Read Adam Selipsky's first internal email to his team as CEO of Amazon's massive cloud business

Adam Selipsky used his first staff email as Amazon Web Services CEO to rally his new team to "build a business that is much larger than it is today."
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The biggest opportunities and risks facing Amazon Web Services right now as new CEO Adam Selipsky takes the helm

New AWS CEO Adam Selipsky has plenty of opportunities ahead, but he'll also need to contend with Microsoft's incumbent advantage and other risks.
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The new CEO of Amazon's $54 billion cloud business has one job above all others this week: Don't screw it up

Adam Selipsky inherited a plum situation from Amazon CEO Andy Jassy this week. Here's where insiders say he should follow the beaten path as AWS CEO.
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Internal email: Andy Jassy thanks his 'missionary,' 'insurgent' AWS cloud team as he takes over as Amazon CEO

Before Andy Jassy took over as Amazon CEO, the longtime executive sent a thank-you letter to his team at Amazon Web Services. Here's what it said:
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Andy Jassy is Amazon's new CEO. Read the first email he sent to staff after taking the reins from Jeff Bezos.

In his first companywide email as Amazon's CEO, Andy Jassy thanked employees but also acknowledged there were issues to work on.
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Jeff Bezos refused to take elevators in Amazon's old office and ran up 14 flights of stairs every day without breaking a sweat, his former assistant said

"He's like a puppy. He would do laps and he was never tired," Ann Hiatt, Jeff Bezos' former assistant, told CNBC.
Tech 2021-06-30T13:35:59Z

How Andy Jassy got his start as Jeff Bezos' 'shadow' before building AWS into a $40 billion business and getting tapped as the next CEO of Amazon

Known for his obsession with the customer experience and his high standards, Jassy appears to be the natural choice to take over for Jeff Bezos.
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Amazon's surprising acquisition of encrypted messaging app Wickr could help it catch up with Microsoft and win more government deals

With its purchase of Wickr, analysts said AWS aims to fill a gap in its software portfolio, where Microsoft dominates, and win more government deals.
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Amazon wants more encryption technology so badly it considered buying one of the most popular secure messaging apps cofounded by an early WhatsApp executive

AWS's interest in secure messaging apps reflects its desire to develop more encrypted services and move into the productivity-applications space.
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Salesforce and Amazon Web Services' expanded partnership gives both a stronger competitive edge against their common rival: Microsoft

Salesforce and AWS are working together more closely to add platform integrations and analysts say it will give both a leg up against Microsoft.
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Amazon pays struggling employees as much as $30,000 to leave and never work at the company again, leaked documents show

Dozens of Amazon employees who spoke with Insider said the company's Pivot performance-improvement system is often unfair and arbitrary.
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The secret to a successful Amazon Web Services migration was retraining IT employees and giving them new job titles to match, says the CIO of $62 billion AutoDesk

How the nearly 40-year-old Autodesk moved its IT backend to Amazon Web Services and reskilled its employees to become cloud and DevOps engineers.
Premium Enterprise 2021-06-09T13:30:00Z

Microsoft is closing the gap with Amazon's cloud while Google Cloud is growing fastest among large companies, according to a survey of 750 professionals

Amazon Web Services and Microsoft are competing toe-to-toe for enterprise customers. Google Cloud is seeing the fastest growth among them.
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